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Company Profile

Soaring Dragon Enterprise Ltd.

Soaring Dragon Enterprise Ltd. was established in 1993. Our main areas of business are the refueling of seafaring ships, bunker delivery, and oil trading in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

In 1997, we were awarded an ISM (International Safety Management) certificate, and in 2001 became a member of the IBIA (International Bunker Industry Association). The company believes in the principal of ¡§Customers, Safety and Reputation First¡¨ and we provide our customers with flexible premium services of guaranteed high quality. Through this we have won praise from both our customers and those within the industry. The company will further strengthen its ability to compete and do everything in its power to satisfy or customers¡¦ every need. We also earnestly seek the continued amicable support and guidance of those working in the same industry.

Our company currently has 4 oil barges with a carrying capacity of between 1,000 and 1,800 tons and a total annual carrying capacity of 1,800,000 tons. Our transportation capacity is highly flexible and is able to satisfy the most stringent of customer requirements. We transport and supply or customers with a varied range of oil products including: fuel oil (with viscosity from 30cst to 380cst), #20heavy diesel, #0 light diesel, and gasoline.

In recent years, the industry has made higher and higher demands of oil tankers. In 2004, to meet these tighter controls and regulations lay down by oil companies and a new double bottomed barge, the ¡§Golden Dragon 138¡¨. It has a carrying capacity of 1800 tons and a maximum oil pumping speed of 1000 tons per hour. Since going into service it has greatly improved our service capabilities and quality. Thus, another two new double hulled double bottomed barges "Golden Dragon 338" and "Golden Dragon 238" have been launched in 2006 and 2007 respectively, which "Golden Dragon 238" is equipped with boiler, which is eligible for carrying high viscosity product.

Our company will further committed to enhance our competitiveness in order to match clients¡¦ needs, and to operate a better corporation. What¡¦s more, we sincerely wish our business fellows; mates and clients will be supporting and encouraging our company continuously.



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